In the lectures you have studied the differences between sequential and random file access.

In this assignment, you will read increasing amounts of data using sequential and random

access on a large file and plot the results obtained.

1. Preparation

a. Download the Ubuntu 18.04.3 ISO file from here:

This will be used as our test file.

b. Upload this file to your Google Drive.

c. Open a new Python 3 notebook in Google Colab1 (Warning: Python 2

notebooks will not be accepted).

d. Since this is the first time most of you would be using Google Colab (or even

Jupyter notebooks in general), we have provided a starter notebook which

you can upload to Colab to get a head start. The notebook outlines the

expected layout of your final submission and also contains code to mount

your Google Drive and read files from it. This step is not mandatory but is

strongly recommended.

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