For your homework you will create an example of a logical design with all FDs that is 1NF and then you will go through the steps to normalize it to 3NF. You will deliver two documents: the 1NF version with FDs and the 3NF version with a commentary explaining how you solved it.


1. Document #1, named {your 6+2}__Assignment04_1NF.docx. The {} are for clarity: do not put them in the name.

? Logical design with no data but in 1NF and including 2NF, and 3NF violations. You can structure it as a logical design with all the natural keys depicted as functional dependencies. Don’t underline anything: let the functional dependencies define the natural keys.

? All the functional dependencies

2. Document #2, named {your 6+2}_Assigjment04_3NF.docx ? The normalized result to 3NF and a commentary that clearly explains how you got there, step-by-step.

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