Create an Android app to show others a collection of 5 to 8 items that you intend to sell. Your items could be a list of tech gadgets, music collections, books, etc. Be creative.

·         The app should have the following features and functions:

·         The opening screen displays the names of your list of 5 to 8 items.

·         When the user selects an item, a second screen will show some explanation or description of the item and the price.

·         The user can place items into a shopping cart.

·         Calculate the total price based on the items in the shopping cart. If all items listed are purchased, take a 20% discount off the entire purchase.


The Android Virtual Device  (AVD) needs to have the following configuration:

·         Device: Nexus One

·         Target: Google API (x86 System Image) (Google In) – API Level 19

·         CPU: Intel Atom (x86)

·         Memory: RAM 768/Heap 32

·         Internal Storage: 200MiB

·         SD card: 200MiB


With the following settings (note that naming convention and settings MUST be applied to the assignment)

·         Application Name: Week1App

·         Project Name:

·         Package Name: edu.phoenix.mbl402.

·         Minimum Required SDK: API 14

·         Taget SDK: API 19

·         Comptaible with: API 19


Once you have developed and tested the application on the AVD, submit the following 4 files as attachments:

·         .apk file (generated under the /bin directory of the project workspace)

·         Screenshot.doc (including all the distinctive screenshots of your application running on the AVD)

·         WorkDescrption.doc: Explain how you analyze, design and implement the project, including flowcharts, code samples etc.

· Clean the project, then zip the project’s workspace into a file

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