• You must create a BasicForm-driven application that keeps print jobs in a linked structure

• You need at least three classes:

? One for your node

? One for a print job

? One for the print spooler/main class

• Each job contains four important pieces of information:

? A description of the job

? The name of the sender

? The number of pages in the job

? A way of identifying the priority of the job (i.e. Student, Staff, or Faculty)

• The text fields on your form should reset after each added job

• You need a text field that is solely for feedback, to confirm the most recent action

? Whenever a job is printed, use this field to display the number of pages remaining

• One of your buttons should use the feedback to show the total number of pages in the spooler

• Also include an ASCIIDisplayer to fully log all jobs as they are printed

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