This task requires students to apply their understanding and ability to use Relational Database Management Systems

(RDBMS) as well as use SQL in the modelling of the physical world. Students will be provided with a set of business

scenarios and are required to design a database and provide related SQL queries.


This is an individual assessment task. Students are required to submit a written report that describes the design and

implementation of a small database project. Students are also required to submit the associated SQL scripts.

• Read these instructions and the following four questions.

• Answer as many questions as possible.

• Place your name, ID and answers in your document.

• Please submit your Word file with your answers and graphs (embedded) where appropriate as a SINGLE

document in the Submission Portal.

Question 1 (5 marks)

Problem statement:

A shop has a list of electronic products to sell, which includes mobile phones, TVs, Movies, etc. Each product has a

product number, a name, a price, a category, and a description. Each product is manufactured by a single company only.

Each company has an organization code, an organization name, an address, a country code and a telephone number.

People will visit the shop and purchase products. When a person makes an order, his/her name, address, phone number,

and the ordered date and time will be recorded. The person will be given a unique customer id.

A person can buy more than one products in a single order.

Exercise 1:

Describe the elements (entities, attributes and relationships) of the tables of this database system.

Exercise 2:

Draw the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of the generated tables.

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