1.Print the total amount, the average dollar value of service visits (parts and labourcosts) and the number of those visits for Acura, Mercedes and Jaguar carmakesthat are soldbetween September 2015 and December 2018 inclusive2.SI schema contains customers that have bought one or more vehicles. They canbe classified using the following criteria:

a.Customers that have bought only one car (one-time buyer)

b.Customer that have bought two cars (two-time buyer)

c.Customers that have bought more than two cars (frequent buyer)Using a SINGLE SELECT statement, display a list of customers with their namesand what type of buyer they are for all those customers that have boughtMercedes car makes.3.Using SET operations, display a list of customers that are interested in a car(prospect table) of the same make and model which they already own.4.Show a list of total amount of money spend on the labour cost of servicing Toyotacars. Show the subtotals for each model5.Write a query using analytic functions that will show the serial number, the priceof each JAGUAR car as well as the cumulative sale price totals

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