value 10.00 points The following monthly data are taken from Ramirez Company at July 31: Sales salaries, $320,000, Office salaries, $64,000, Federal income taxes withheld, $96,000; State income taxes withheld, $21,500; Social security taxes withheld, $23,808; Medicare taxes withheld, $5,568: Medical insurance premiums, $7,500; Life insurance premiums, $4,500 Union dues deducted, $1,500: and Salaries subject to unemployment taxes, $51,000 The employee pays forty percent of medical and life insurance premiums 1&2. Using the above information, complete the below table | % Paid by Premium paid : Premium Paid Employees by Employees by Employer Total Premium Employee Medical Insurance Payable Employee Life Insurance Payable Prepare the joutnal entres to record accrued payroll and casn payment of the net payroli for Juy View transactiono tiet

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