unting This Question: 1 pt 20f 5 (0 complete) | This Quiz: 5 pts possib ses What is arn An activity-based approach refines a costing system by focusing on i dividual acti the basis for assigning costs to other cost objects such as products or services. A ties as the fundamental cost ob ects It uses the cost of these activities as O B. An activity-based approach traces direct costs to a cost object by using the actual direçt-cost rates times the actual quantities of the direct-cost inputs. Indirect costs are allocated based on the actual indirect-cost rates times the actual quantities of the cost-al eText OC. An activity-based approach describes a particular costing approach that uses broad averages for assigning the cost of resources uniformly to cost objects O D. An activity-based approach means making changes that result in cost numbers better measuring the way different cost objects, such as products, use different ent Shar amounts of resources of the company. These changes require the assignment of costs to direct and indirect cost pools and the use of a single indirect-cost rate. edia Libra c Study 15

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