1)      Write the output of the following segment of code.

typedef char* string;

            char msg1[]= {“There will be no quiz next week. Hooray!”};

            char msg2[]= {“Thank you. I don’t have to study CSCI610”};

            string str1,str2,str3,str4,str5,str6;

            str1 = strrchr(msg1,’n’);

            str2 = strchr(str1,’H’);


            str3= strchr(msg1,’T’);

            str4= strchr(str3,’q’);


            printf( “%s a %s %sn”,str3, str4, str1);


            str5 = strchr(msg2,’I’);

            str6 = strrchr(msg2,’h’);

            *(str5+1) = ‘0’;

            strcpy(msg1, str6);

            printf( “%c %s!n”, *str5, msg1);

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