1. Write a Bash script, reverse.sh, which reverses the contents of a directory passed as a parameter. Assuming /my/dir contains “cache cron games lib log run tmp,” your program “reverse.sh /my/dir” will return “tmp run log lib games cron cache.” Use an array and two functions: main() and reverse(). You will manually manipulate the list as we did today. DO NOT use the built-in command sort -r.

2. Write a Bash script, filter.sh, which prints those files/directories that have the size greater than the average file size of the directory. Assuming the directory /my/dir has five files/directories with size in parentheses ” a(100) b(10) c(100) d(100) e(20)”, your program “filter.sh /my/dir” will list “a c d” since the size of each of the three files/directories “a c d” is greater than the average file size of 66. Use three functions: main, average, and filter, where main calls average and filter, and average computes the average file size of a directory and filter filters out those that have less than the average.

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