1. Start NetBeans and open the project named ch02_ex2_TestScore that’s in the ex_starts directory shown in the previous exercise.

2. Test this application with the valid data to see how it works. Then, test the application with invalid data to see what will cause exceptions. Note that if you enter a test score like 125, the program ends, even though the instructions say that the program ends when you enter 999.

3. Open the file named TestScoreApp.java and modify the while statement so the program only ends when  you enter 999. Then, test the program to see how this works.

4. Modify the if statement so it displays an error message like “Invalid entry, not counted” if the user enters a score that’s greater than 100 but isn’t 999. Then, test this change.

                    You need the source code to the Murach’s Java Programming book found here:                 


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