1. Many project managers plan their schedules based on programmer productivity on past projects. This productivity is often measured in terms of a unit of size per unit of time. For example, an organization may produce 300 lines of code per day or 1200 application points per month. Is it appropriate to measure productivity in this way? Discuss the measurement of productivity in terms of the following issues:

Different languages can produce different numbers of lines of code for implementation of the same design

Productivity in lines of code cannot be measured until implementation begins

Programmers may structure code to meet productivity goals.

2. The following figure is an activity graph for a software development project. The number corresponding to each edge of the graph indicates the number of days required to complete the activity represented by that branch. For example, it will take four days to complete the activity that ends in milestone E. For each activity, list its precursors and compute the earliest start time, the latest start time, and the slack. Then, identify the critical path.

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