1. Help with For Statement names integer array with 20 elements. display the elements in the array

2. Question / Request : Look at Example, Look at my Code… did I accomplish the task.

My Code:

Declare integer names[20]
Declare integer index = 0

Declare integer counter = 1

For counter = 1 to 20
        Display names[counter]

         counter = counter + 1
End For


In the example provided below. I need to understand the intent of the for statement below.

What does i Represent below I Step 2: is this suppose to be the counter

is Step 3 declaring a starting value for i

Step 1. Declare names as the Integerarray of size 20.
Step 2. Declare i as integer
Ste 3. Set i = 1

Step 4.
LOOP: for i = 1to 20 incrementby 1
Display names[i]
End Program

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