The following transactions occurred for Webb Technology Solutions: 1 (Click the icon to view the transactions.) (click the icon to view the journal entries.) Requirement The following four-column accounts have been opened for you utilizing the following account numbers: Cash, 110. Accounts Receiva each Unearned Revenue, 0; Revenue, Expense, 510; Salaries Expense, 520. Pos transaction. Assume that the journal entries were recorded on page 10 of the journal. Make sure to complete th Post. R transaction.) Date Post. Ref. Debit Item Credit Debit Credit May 1 J10 Webb, Capital Account No. 310 Balance Date Item Post. Ref. Debit Credit Debit Credit May 1 J10 100,000 Choose from any list or enter any number in the input fields and then click Check Answer 21 remaining Clear All

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