A Accounts Receivable B Accumulated Depreciation C Cash D Depreciation ExpenseCL E Equipment F Interest Expense G Interest Payable H Interest Revenue I Note Payable (ong-term) JlRetained Earnings K Salaries and Wage Expense L Salaries and Wages Payable M Service Revenue N Supplies O Supplies Expense P Unearned Revenue Required: For each of the following independent situations, give the journal entry by selecting/entering the appropriate code(s) and amount(s). We’ve done the first one for you as an example. Debit Independent Situations Code Amount Code $ 400 a. Accrued wages, unrecorded and unpaid at year-end, $400 b. Service revenue collected in advance, $600. c. At year-end, interest on note payable not yet recorded or paid, $220. d. Depreciation expense for year, $1,000. e. Service revenue earned but not yet collected at year-end, $1,000. f. Balance in Supplies account, $400; supplies on hand at year-end, $150 g. Adjusted balance at year-end in Service Revenue account, $75,000 S 400 L

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