The Sanchez Computer Center created its chart of accounts as follows:You will use this chart of accounts to complete the Continuing Problem.The following problem continues from Chapter 1. The balances as of July 31 have been brought forward in the working papers that accompany this text.Assignment1. Set up T accounts in a ledger.2. Record transactions k through s in the appropriate T accounts.3. Foot and take the balances of the T accounts where appropriate.4. Prepare a trial balance at the end of August.5. Prepare from the trial balance an income statement, statement of owner’s equity, and a balance sheet for the two months ending with August 31, 201X.k. Received the phone bill for the month of July, $155.l. Paid $150 (check #8099) for insurance for the month.m. Paid $200 (check #8100) of the amount due from transaction d in Chapter 1.n. Paid advertising expense for the month, $1,400 (check #8101).o. Billed a client (Jeannine Sparks) for services rendered, $850.p. Collected $900 for services rendered.q. Paid the electric bill in full for the month of July (check #8102, transaction h, Chapter 1).r. Paid cash (check #8103) for $50 in stamps.s. Purchased $200 worth of supplies from Computer Connection oncredit.
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The Sanchez Computer Center created its chart of accounts as

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