The Minevik Group is a Swedish-based, high-technology engineering firm. It follows IFRS and reports its results in millions of Swedish kronor (SEK). For the years ended December 31, 2013 and 2012, Minevik reported the following information pertaining to its inventories:Minevik reported Cost of Sales for 2013 of SEK57,222 million. The notes to its financial statements state that 2013 Cost of Sales includes a SEK281 million write-down of Finished Goods inventory.a. What is the carrying value of Minevik’s total inventory as of December 31, 2013?b. What journal entry did Minevik make in 2013 to reflect inventory write-downs?c. What was Minevik’s Cost of Sales prior to the write-down of inventory to its lower of cost or market value?d. What was the cost of units completed by Minevik during 2013?e. Suppose that Minevik’s direct labor and overhead costs are 300% of direct material costs. That is, for every SEK1 of direct material costs, Minevik incurs an additional SEK3 in direct labor and overhead costs. How much in direct materials costs did Minevik charge to Work in Process during 2013? What journal entry did it make to record this charge?f. What was the cost of Minevik’s raw materials purchased in2013?
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The Minevik Group is a Swedish based high technology engineering firm It

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