Which of the following 22 items does a company include in the cost of property, plant, and equipment?1. Contract price2. List price3. Freight costs4. Discounts taken5. Discounts not taken6. Installation costs7. Testing costs8. Cost of overhaul before initial use9. Costs of grading land prior to construction10. Tax assessment for street improvements11. Delinquent property taxes on acquired property12. Cost of tearing down an old building (already owned) in preparation for new construction13. Cost of insurance during construction14. Excess of costs over revenues during the development stage of the company15. Interest costs during construction16. Landscaping costs17. Severance pay for employees dismissed because of the acquisition of a new machine18. Cost of tearing down a building on newly acquired land19. Replacement of an electric motor in a machine20. Expansion of the heating/cooling system to accommodate an expansion of a building and certain expected future needs21. Service contract for two years on the acquired asset22. Cost of training new employeesView Solution:
Which of the following 22 items does a company include

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