Whalen Mining paid $615,000 for the right to extract mineral assets from a 500,000-ton mineral deposit. In addition to the purchase price, Whalen Mining also paid a $1,400 filing fee, a $3,600 license fee to the state of Colorado, and $45,000 for a geological survey of the property. Because the company purchased the rights to the minerals only, the company expected the asset to have zero residual value when fully depleted. During the first year, Whalen Mining removed and sold 80,000 tons of minerals. Using the Mineral Assets account, make journal entries to record the following:a. Purchase of the mineralsb. Payment of fees and other costsc. Depletion expense for the first year (Assume all the minerals extracted were sold during the year.)View Solution:
Whalen Mining paid 615 000 for the right to extract mineral

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