Using the format provided, identify for each account:1. Whether the account will appear on a balance sheet (B/S), income statement (I/S), or neither (N)2. Whether the account is an asset (A), liability (L), owners’ equity (OE), revenue (R), expense (E), or other (O)3. Whether the account is real or nominal4. Whether the account will be “closed” or left “open” at year-end5. Whether the account normally has a debit (Dr.) or a credit (Cr.) balance(a) Unearned Rent Revenue(b) Accounts Receivable(c) Inventory(d) Accounts Payable(e) Prepaid Rent(f) Mortgage Payable(g) Sales(h) Cost of Goods Sold(i) Dividends(j) Dividends Payable(k) Interest Receivable(l) Wages Expense(m) Interest Revenue(n) Supplies(o) Accumulated Depreciation(p) Retained Earnings(q) Discount on Bonds Payable(r) Goodwill(s) Additional Paid-InCapital
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Using the format provided identify for each account 1 Whether

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