TO: Accounting Clerk DATE: April 1, 20— FROM: Senior Accountant SUBJECT: Errors in trial balance Following is a trial balance prepared just before you were hired. Two accounts are missing, and the amount for Sales is off. Here are a few facts to consider. Our business is in a state that collects sales tax. I ran some totals, and we collected $ 1,800 in sales tax. Customers returned $ 900 in goods, which would reduce the above sales tax by $ 70. Our books need to reflect these events. The former accounting clerk said that she recorded everything— somewhere. She said that she may have credited the $ 1,800 sales tax to Sales and not to Sales Tax Payable. And she looked confused when Sales Returns and Allowances was mentioned. She asked, “Why not just debit Sales?” Determine the two missing accounts and correct the accounts that are off.1. Think about where these amounts might have been put, think about what accounts are missing, and use T accounts to solve the problems. 2. Prepare a corrected trialbalance.
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TO Accounting Clerk DATE April 1 20 FROM Senior Accountant

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