The trial balance of Ad Men Advertising, Inc., at November 30, 2012, and the data needed for the month-end adjustments follow:a. Insurance coverage still remaining at November 30, $700.b. Supplies used during the month, $400.c. Depreciation for the month, $3,400.d. Accrued utilities expense at November 30, $700. (Use Accounts Payable as the liability account needed.)e. Accrued salaries at November 30, $1,000.f. Service revenue still unearned at November 30, $1,300.Requirements1. Open T-accounts for the accounts listed in the trial balance and insert their November 30 unadjusted balances.2. Journalize the adjusting entries and post them to the T-accounts. Reference the posted amounts by letters, (a) through (f). Calculate the adjusted balance in each account.3. Prepare the adjusted trial balance at November 30, 2012.4. How will the company use the adjusted trialbalance?
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The trial balance of Ad Men Advertising Inc at November

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