The trial balance for XYZ Systems, Inc., at January 15, 2012, follows:During the remainder of January, XYZ Systems, Inc., completed the following transactions:Jan 16 Collected $3,400 cash from a client on account.18 Performed services on account, $1,200.21 Received $2,700 cash for services performed.23 Purchased supplies on account, $400.25 Paid $1,400 in dividends.27 Paid $2,100 on account.29 Received $3,800 cash for services performed.30 Paid rent, $1,000.30 Paid employees’ salaries, $2,400.Requirements1. Journalize the transactions that occurred January 1 6 to January 30 on page 6 of the journal.2. Open T-accounts for the ledger accounts listed in the trial balance and enter their beginning balances at January 15. Use the four column account format illustrated in the chapter. Enter “Bal” for the January 1 5 balance in the item column. Post the transactions to the ledger, using dates, account numbers, and posting references. Calculate the new account balances at January 31, 2012.3. Prepare the trial balance for XYZ Systems, Inc., at January 31, 2012.
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The trial balance for XYZ Systems Inc at January 15

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