The trial balance for Kilda Services, Inc., at the end of July follows. It does not balance because of a number of errors. Kilda’s accountant compared the amounts in the trial balance with the ledger, recomputed the account balances, and compared the postings. She found the following errors:a. The balance of Cash was understated by $1,600.b. A cash payment of $840 was credited to Cash for $480.c. A debit of $240 to Accounts Receivable was not posted.d. Supplies purchased for $120 were posted as a credit to Supplies.e. A debit of $360 to Prepaid Insurance was not posted.f. The Accounts Payable account had debits of $10,640 and credits of $18,360.g. The Notes Payable account, with a credit balance of $4,800, was not included on the trial balance.h. The debit balance of Dividends was listed in the trial balance as a credit.i. A $400 debit to Dividends was posted as a credit.j. The actual balance of Utilities Expense, $520, was listed as $52 in the trial balance.Prepare a corrected trialbalance.
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The trial balance for Kilda Services Inc at the end

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