The transactions that follow took place at the Cedar Hill Sports Arena during September 2016. This firm has indoor courts where customers can play tennis for a fee. It also rents equipment and offers tennis lessons.INSTRUCTIONSRecord each transaction in the general journal, using the following chart of accounts. Be sure to number the journal page 1 and to write the year at the top of the Date column. Include a description for each entry. ASSETS101 Cash111 Accounts Receivable121 Supplies141 EquipmentLIABILITIES202 Accounts PayableOWNER’S EQUITY301 Selena Cantu, Capital302 Selena Cantu, DrawingREVENUE401 Fees IncomeEXPENSES511 Equipment Repair Expense512 Rent Expense513 Salaries Expense514 Telephone Expense517 Utilities ExpenseDATE TRANSACTIONSSept. 1 Issued Check 1169 for $1,900 to pay the September rent.5 Performed services for $3,000 in cash.6 Performed services for $1,850 on credit.10 Paid $700 for monthly telephone bill; issued Check 1170.11 Paid for equipment repairs of $940 with Check 1171.12 Received $3,700 on account from credit clients.15 Issued Checks 1172–1177 for $4,700 for salaries.18 Issued Check 1178 for $2,500 to purchase supplies.19 Purchased new tennis rackets for $2,750 on credit from The Tennis Supply Shop; received Invoice 3108, payable in 30 days.20 Issued Check 1179 for $2,860 to purchase new nets. (Equip.)21 Received $1,050 on account from credit clients.21 Returned a damaged net and received a cash refund of $550.22 Performed services for $3,360 in cash.23 Performed services for $4,950 on credit.26 Issued Check 1180 for $560 to purchase supplies.28 Paid the monthly electric bill of $2,350 with Check 1181.30 Issued Checks 1182–1187 for $4,700 for salaries.30 Issued Check 1188 for $4,700 cash to Selena Cantu for personal expenses.Analyze: If the company paid a bill for supplies on October 1, what check number would be included in the journal entry description?View Solution:
The transactions that follow took place at the Cedar Hill

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