The transactions listed below took place at Brown Building Cleaning Service during September 2016. This firm cleans commercial buildings for a fee.INSTRUCTIONSAnalyze and record each transaction in the general journal. Choose the account names from the chart of accounts shown below. Be sure to number the journal page 1 and to write the year at the top of the Date column.ASSETS101 Cash111 Accounts Receivable141 EquipmentLIABILITIES202 Accounts PayableOWNER’S EQUITY301 Charles Brown, Capital302 Charles Brown, DrawingREVENUE401 Fees IncomeEXPENSES501 Cleaning Supplies Expense502 Equipment Repair Expense503 Office Supplies Expense511 Rent Expense514 Salaries Expense521 Telephone Expense524 Utilities ExpenseDATE TRANSACTIONSSept. 1 Charles Brown invested $50,000 in cash to start the business.5 Performed services for $6,000 in cash.6 Issued Check 1000 for $2,500 to pay the September rent.7 Performed services for $6,300 on credit.9 Paid $640 for monthly telephone bill; issued Check 1001.10 Issued Check 1002 for $675 for equipment repairs.12 Received $1,090 from credit clients.14 Issued Checks 1003–1004 for $12,500 to pay salaries.18 Issued Check 1005 for $800 for cleaning supplies.19 Issued Check 1006 for $950 for office supplies.20 Purchased equipment for $10,000 from Razor Equipment, Inc., Invoice 1012; issued Check 1007 for $2,000 with the balance due in 30 days.22 Performed services for $4,800 in cash.24 Issued Check 1008 for $950 for the monthly electric bill.26 Performed services for $7,200 on account.30 Issued Checks 1009–1010 for $12,500 to pay salaries.30 Issued Check 1011 for $6,000 to Charles Brown to pay for personal expenses.Analyze: How many transactions affected expense accounts?View Solution:
The transactions listed below took place at Brown Building Cleaning

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