Zhong is considering three alternative investments of $10,000. Zhong is in the 25% marginal tax bracket for ordinary income and 15% for qualifying capital gains in all tax years. The selected investment will be sold at the end of five years. The alternatives are:

• A taxable corporate bond yielding 5.333% before tax and the interest reinvested at 5.333% before tax.

• A tax-favored bond that will have a maturity value of $12,200 (a 4% pretax rate of return).

• Land that will increase in value.

The gain on the land is classified and taxed as a long-term capital gain. The interest from the bonds is taxed as ordinary income: the interest from the corporate bond as it is earned annually, but that from the tax-favored bond is recognized only upon redemption.

How much must the land increase in value to yield a greater after-tax return than either of the bonds? Use the future value tables in Appendix F as needed for your calculations and comparisons.

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