Using the database and organization from your Week 2 assignment,describe the business problem that you are trying to solve andidentify how data trends can be applied to the problem. You willcreate a business report in which you present the conclusions ofyour analysis and describe both the data and the steps that youtook to reach these conclusions. Prepare a business analysis reportusing a maximum of 1,050 words, and complete the following: Definethe business problem that you are trying to resolve. Identify thedata source that you are analyzing. Explain how the data wascollected (if known). Describe the fields available in the datasource. Assess the preliminary results of your data analysis. Applyyour analysis of the data to the business problem. Recommendpotential solutions to the problem. Select a proposed course ofaction to resolve the business problem based upon your analysis ofthe data. Create a table, bar chart, or histogram from your SAS®Visual Analytics analysis. Please use any company my week 2assignment was not turned in. Any company can be used Please do notsubmit the generic answer everyone keeps posting

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