Rahul works for a small business developing apps. His latestapp, which he developed to make it easier for friends to catch upover coffee, was a huge success and Rahul’s company received aCreativity Award from Apple. However, during an interview with SBSTV, Rahul’s boss took all of the credit for the development of theapp, and Rahul received no credit for his work. Question 1. ACSCode of Professional Conduct (20 marks) What is the action in thiscase study that is raising an ethical issue? (2 marks) What iswrong with the action (from an ethical point of view)? (2 marks)Who is responsible for that action? (2 marks) Who is affected bythat action? (2 marks) What is the effect of that action on theperson affected? (2 marks) Which of the following values of the ACSCode are relevant to the above case study? (5 marks) How the valuesyou identified are relevant to the above case study? (5 marks)Question 2. Ethical Theory (10 marks) We ask the students toanalyse the above case study using either two or four classicalethical theories. So, it is always from the four classical ethicaltheories such as utilitarianism, deontology, virtue andcontract.

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