Now write a program that calculates the minimum fixed monthlypayment needed in order pay off a credit card balance within a userdefined number of months. We will not be dealing with a minimummonthly payment rate. Take as input() the following floating pointnumbers: the outstanding balance on the credit card annual interestrate as a decimal the number of to pay off the debt Print out thefixed minimum monthly payment, number of months (at most the numberof user defined months and possibly less than that) it takes to payoff the debt, and the balance (likely to be a negative number).Assume that the interest is compounded monthly according to thebalance at the start of the month (before the payment for thatmonth is made). The monthly payment must be a multiple of $10 andis the same for all months. Notice that it is possible for thebalance to become negative using this payment scheme. In short:Monthly interest rate = Annual interest rate / monthsChosen Updatedbalance each month = Previous balance * (1 + Monthly interest rate)– Minimum monthly payment

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