Mike is 45 and made $36,000 in wages in 2016. He is single andpays all the cost of keeping up his home. Mike’s daughter,Brittany, lived with Mike all year. Brittany’s son, Hayden, wasborn in November 2016. Hayden lived in Mike’s home since birth.Brittany is 18, single, and had $1,700 in wages in 2016. Mikeprovides more than half of the support for both Brittany andHayden. Mike, Brittany, and Hayden are all U.S. citizens with validSocial Security numbers. Mike and Hayden had health insurance thatqualified as minimum essential coverage. Brittany did not havehealth insurance at all in 2016. 5. If Brittany does not qualifyfor a health coverage exemption, Mike must make a sharedresponsibility payment. True False

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