Your Task

Create an Individual Structured Reflection based on one of the topics covered in the in-class activities and

a topic that most interested you and that you found of most relevance to your present or future

professional life.

Assessment Description

Choose ONE (1) topic (EXCEPT Emotional Intelligence and Intercultural Communication which were

covered in the earlier assessments) that have been discussed in this subject and write an individual

structured reflection which answers the following questions:

1. Provide an overview of a topic covered in this subject that you found interesting and of most

relevance to you. (400 words)

2. Write a personal reflection (with at least three supporting reasons) as to why you found this topic of

interest and what are your key “take-away” messages (400 words)

3. How do you think you could apply what you have learnt in your present or in your future professional

career (400 words)?

Assessment Instructions

• Your reflection should include an: introduction defining your scope (150 words); a clear conclusion that

summarises your insights (150 words); and a reference list (using the Harvard Referencing Convention

throughout your reflection and in the reference list at the end)

• You should include a minimum of 10 academic references (journals, textbooks, scholarly websites)


• Your reflection is to be submitted via a “Moodle Submission”.

• Please refer to the assessment marking guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.

• Some useful resources for reflecting writing include:






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