91) Define decentralization and identify its expected benefits and costs.

92) The Produce and Can Divisions are part of the same company.  Currently the Can Division buys a part from Produce for $24. The Produce Division wants to increase the price of the part it sells to Can by $6 to $30. The manager of Can has stated that it cannot afford to go that high, as it will decrease the division’s profit to near zero. Can Division can buy the part from an outside supplier for $28. The cost data for the Produce Division is as follows:

Direct materials$ 8.50

Direct labour12.50

Variable overhead 2.50

Fixed overhead 2.40


a.If Produce ceases to produce the parts for Can, it will be able to avoid one-third of the fixed manufacturing overhead. The Produce Division has excess capacity but no alternative uses for its facilities. From the standpoint of the company as a whole, should Can continue to buy from Produce or start to buy from the outside supplier?


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