47) Seascape Interiors produces artist supplies. Listed below are the costs of production and inventory.


Direct Labor$60,000

Raw Materials Inventory, Aug. 125,000

Raw Materials Purchases70,000

Raw Materials Inventory, Aug. 3129,000


Work-in-Process Inventory Aug. 127,000

Work-in-Process Inventory Aug. 3121,000

Finished Goods Inventory Aug. 3118,000



a. Cost of raw materials used in production

b. Total manufacturing costs

c. Total cost of goods manufactured


48) From the following, calculate the cost of raw materials used and total manufacturing costs:


Raw Materials Inventory, Sep. 1$4,000

Raw Materials Inventory, Sep. 305,000

Work-in-Process Inventory, Sep. 16,000

Work-in-Process Inventory, Sep. 305,000

Raw Materials Purchased8,000

Direct Labor9,000

Depreciation Expense7,000

Factory Utilities3,000

49) From the following, calculate the cost of raw materials used, total manufacturing costs and cost of goods manufactured:


Raw Materials Inventory, Sep. 1$10,000

Raw Materials Inventory, Sep. 306,000

Work-in-Process Inventory, Sep. 112,000

Work-in-Process Inventory, Sep. 3015,000

Raw Materials Purchased25,000

Direct Labor20,000

Depreciation Expense6,000

Factory Utilities4,000


50) From the following information calculate total manufacturing costs and cost of goods manufactured.


Raw Materials Inventory, Sep. 1$3,000

Raw Materials Inventory, Sep. 304,000

Work-in-Process Inventory, Sep. 15,000

Work-in-Process Inventory, Sep. 304,000

Raw Materials Purchased7,000

Direct Labor8,000

Depreciation Expense6,000

Factory Utilities2,000

51) List four of the six source documents covered in this unit, and explain the function of each in the accounting process.




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