Worker’s compensation









Union Dues





43) The employees collectively earn a gross wage of $90,000 for the pay period. But the employer says that they cost $97,000. Discuss the discrepancy.

44) What is required of an employer by the Federal Insurance Contributions Act?


45) Compute the net pay for each employee. The FICA tax rate is: OASDI 6.2% on a limit of $106,800; Medicare is 1.45%; federal income tax is 15%; state income tax is 5%; and medical insurance is $100 per employee.


Cumulative PayThis Week’s Pay

Sarah Ahti$75,000$4,000

Matt DeFore$62,000$2,000


46) From the following data, determine the FUTA tax liability for Evans Company for the first quarter. The FUTA tax rate is 0.8% on the first $7,000 of earnings. (Assume all quarters have 13 weeks.)


EmployeesGross Pay Per Week

C. Otto$2,000

K. Yankee800

E. Lanava1,400



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