28) Six uses of feedback are given below. Match each independent statement with one of the feedback uses.


Uses of feedback:

a.Changing goals.

b.Changing how decision alternatives are identified.

c.Changing managers.

d.Changing the range of information collected in order to make predictions.

e.Changing how the company operates.

f.Changing reward systems.


Independent Statements:

1.Quality control activities have been moved from the end of the assembly line to critical points along the assembly line.

2.Home office changes stock option plans.

3.Jackson Company increases emphasis on cash flow rather than income, after prior liquidity problems lead to bankruptcy.

4.The Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and reorder points of the inventory system are being converted to automatic processing on the computer to increase the information for forecasting inventory demand.

5.MLB Company contracts with an outside janitorial service rather than continuing with its own cleaning crew.

6.AMB Company is adopting online meetings to identify which product lines to establish.

7.Local Computer Company incorporates average inflation forecasts for wages when predicting future labour costs.

8.Altec Company considers basing its marketing bonuses on the profitability of sales rather than on the dollar amount of sales.

29) Aspects of the Five-Step Decision-Making Process are listed below. For each of the independent activities give the aspect that best describes what is being undertaken.


Independent activities:

1.Preparing a report comparing actual and budgeted waste percentages from a chemical process in a herbicide plant.

2.Changing the selling price of a product.

3.Explaining the variances in Department 23’s labour report.

4.Evaluating a new environmental law..

5.Estimate possible outcomes from outsourcing production to another country.

6.Conduct a consumer survey.



a.Identify the problem and uncertainties

b.Obtain information

c.Make predictions about the future

d.Decide on and implement one of the alternatives

e.Implement the decision, evaluate performance, and learn




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