11) Why are all of the employer payroll taxes listed in separate payable accounts?

The following data applies to the July 15 payroll for the Woodard Research Firm (overtime is paid at 1 1/2)


Employee NamePay RateHours Cumulative Department Federal Income

WorkedTax Withheld

B. Woodard$2,000/wkSalaried$ 98,000Office$ 779.00

J. Thomas13.005140,000Shop320.00

K. McCann17.004642,000Shop330.00



FICA-OASDI is 6.2% based on a limit of $106,800

FICA-Medicare is 1.45%

FUTA is .8% based on a limit of $7,000

SUTA is 5.6% based on a limit of $7,000

State income tax is 2.8%


12) Compute the total regular earnings.________


13) Compute the total overtime earnings.________


14) Compute the total gross earnings.________


15) Compute the employees’ FICA-OASDI.________


16) Compute the employees’ FICA-Medicare.________

17) Compute the total federal income tax.   ________


18) Compute the total state income tax.   ________


19) Compute the employers payroll tax.   ________


20) Compute the total deductions.   ________



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