11) Which of the following is a content sharing technique in which the sender does not have any control or record of changes made to the shared content?

A) email with attachments

B) Windows WebApps

C) Google Docs

D) blog

12) Which of the following statements is true of shared content with version management?

A) Content sharing methods that provide version management cannot accommodate concurrent work.

B) Version management systems provide version control.

C) Version management makes it impossible to know who changed the document and when.

D) Systems that provide version management track changes to documents.

13) Which of the following tools provides version management while sharing content?

A) shared file servers

B) Google Docs

C) emails with attachments

D) Gmail

14) Which of the following statements regarding Google Drive is true?

A) Users receive an email when a document is made available to them.

B) A Google account is not essential to use Google Drive.

C) A Google account is the same as a Gmail account.

D) Microsoft Excel documents cannot be uploaded to Google Drive.

15) Which of the following systems provides version control while sharing content?

A) Microsoft SharePoint

B) Google Drive

C) emails with attachments

D) file servers

16) In version-control systems, shared documents are placed into shared directories called ________.

A) vaults

B) libraries

C) workspaces

D) records

17) Which of the following statements is true of Microsoft SharePoint?

A) SharePoint does not support restriction of access to documents.

B) SharePoint converts shared documents to the Google Docs format.

C) When a user disapproves a document, the next person in the workflow receives it.

D) If a document has been checked out by a user, SharePoint does not allow other users to edit it.

18) Which of the following statements is true of collaboration tools?

A) Users cannot add their own data to the default format of the task list in SharePoint.

B) Google Grid permits only the uploader to make changes to a task list.

C) It is possible to filter task lists to show only noncompleted tasks using SharePoint.

D) Google Grid allows only one user to edit a document at a time.

19) Which of the following statements is true about Google Grid?

A) A document can be edited by only one user at a time.

B) Tasks can be sorted according to status to see incomplete tasks.

C) A Google account is not mandatory to access task lists on Google Grid.

D) It provides version history, which shows the changes made by users to the task list.

20) The alerts feature on SharePoint ________.

A) sends a team member an email whenever a task is assigned to him or her

B) requires team members to check the task list for new tasks every hour

C) cannot send emails about new events, but can send notifications to Microsoft accounts

D) can send emails only when a new task is created

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