102) Warren Company’s overhead cost information is given below:

Standard applied overhead$152,000

Budgeted overhead based on

standard machine hours allowed162,000

Budgeted overhead based on

actual machine hours used170,000

Actual overhead166,000


a.Compute the total overhead variance.

b.Calculate the flexible-budget variance.

c.Determine the fixed overhead volume variance.

103) The following information was compiled by Bovinnette Company:

Expected volume of production100,000 units

Actual level of production95,000 units

Budgeted fixed overhead$200,000

Actual fixed overhead$207,500

Variable overhead rate per direct-labour hour$9

Actual variable overhead$395,000

Standard direct-labour hours allowed per unit produced.50 hour

Standard direct-labour rate per hour$8.00

Actual direct-labour hours of input46,500 hours

Actual direct-labour rate per hour$8.25


Compute the following variances:

a.Direct-labour flexible-budget variance

b.Variable factory overhead flexible-budget variance

c.Fixed factory overhead flexible-budget variance

d.Fixed factory overhead production-volume variance

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