79) Josef Company makes a variety of chemicals. Its Mixing department had the following information regarding costs and output:


Started and completed35,000 units

Started and still in process*12,500 units


Direct materials$209,000

Direct labour$  21,700

Factory overhead$  86,800

*Direct materials: 100 percent complete; Conversion costs: 30 percent complete

Required: Compute the cost of work completed and the cost of the ending WIP inventory.

80) The manufacturing costs of the Assembly department for the month of June are as follows:

Direct materials added$120,000

Conversion costs:

Direct labour$90,000

Factory overhead  60,000  150,000

Costs to account for$270,000

The cost of goods completed and transferred to finished goods was $231,500 in June.

Required: Prepare summary journal entries for the use of direct materials, direct labour and factory overhead applied. Also prepare a journal entry for the transfer of goods completed.

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