31) Unless the contract requires otherwise, an outsource vendor can choose the technology that it wants to implement.

32) The potential loss of intellectual capital is a concern related to outsourcing.

33) When a company outsources a system, it has complete control over prioritizing software fixes.

34) Parting business with an outsource vendor is exceedingly risky.

35) A user has the right to obtain the necessary computing resources to perform his or her work efficiently.

36) The rights of an information systems user depend on the purpose of the system’s usage.

37) In the context of right to reliable network and Internet services, reliable means one that can be processed without problems almost all the time.

38) IS users have the rights to receive effective training in a format convenient to the user.

39) It is a user’s responsibility to install patches and fixes when asked to do so.

40) Knowledge of the responsibilities and duties of the IS department helps one become a better consumer of the IS department’s services.

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