11) Supporting documents for a voucher system are:

A) filed in a tickler file.

B) attached to the invoice.

C) attached to the purchase order.

D) attached to the voucher.


12) When a purchase is made, the business will:

A) credit Vouchers Payable.

B) enter a voucher in the voucher register.

C) debit Purchases.

D) All of the above.

13) When a voucher transaction does not fit in the special columns of the voucher register, it will be recorded in the:

A) general journal.

B) sundry column.

C) vouchers payable credit column.

D) both B and C.


14) On the balance sheet, the liability for vouchers will be:

A) Vouchers Payable.

B) Accounts Payable.

C) Invoices Payable.

D) None of these answers are correct.


15) The element that is used in the voucher system is the:

A) voucher register.

B) tickler file.

C) paid voucher file.

D) All of these elements are used in a voucher system.


16) A tickler file is the same as the:

A) accounts receivable file.

B) accounts payable file.

C) paid vouchers file.

D) unpaid vouchers file.

17) In a voucher system, the controlling account in the general ledger is:

A) Cash.

B) Accounts Payable.

C) Accounts Receivable.

D) Vouchers Payable.


18) In a voucher system, the cash payments journal:

A) is replaced by a check register.

B) is used to record payments by check.

C) is used to record the information found in the check register.

D) supplements the check register.


19) The reason for filing vouchers in an unpaid voucher file according to due date is:

A) to allow the company to take advantage of cash discounts.

B) to allow the company to cancel payment of the bills.

C) to keep accounts receivable up to date.

D) to keep the cash payments journal up to date.


20) All paid vouchers may be filed in the paid voucher file according to:

A) check number.

B) date of payment.

C) voucher number.

D) invoice date.



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