I need an explanation for this Environmental Science question to help me study.

For this discussion, I want you to look around the internet, (no, no, not at cat pictures) but specifically for the use of drones in science.

A major part of being a scientist is the ability to find, read, and evaluate the quality of data.

Find a single article, any article will do. Read it like your quizzed on it, and explain what they did, why they did, and if you feel the author did a quality job of the evaluation, interpretation, and presentation of their data.

Later in the course, we will revisit this article and see if your opinion changed. So this assignment will be two of your discussion in total.

A link to this article must be provided.

After you have completed your analysis, look through the board, find another students article and discuss if you agree with their analysis.

A public and formal warning though. Topics discussed in science can often go against your own opinions, biases, etc; this is not a time nor place to voice those opinions, biases, etc, this is a place to discuss the quality of the article read. Those discussions can be held on your own time, amongst your friends. The folks on these forums are colleagues, yes colleagues. One day you may sit across the room from any one of these people and need to work together on a project.

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