I’m studying and need help with a Health & Medical question to help me learn.

Attached is a PowerPoint template already set up with the slides. This is a group project but I only need you to complete my part which I will list below.

Don’t forget to add pictures and references.

(This is to be completed under slide 5 & 6 only) 1.Differentiate between the facility equipment and technology used within a bariatric facility for your clinical stakeholders.

(This part should be completed on slide number 13.)

we are required to include images of bariatric facility components. I felt that this request would be better served in additional sections to this presentation. The reasoning behind this idea was the request the technology, equipment, and needs of a bariatric facility. Bariatric patients require specialized equipment due to their body habitus. The additional sections are as follows

Vitals and Telemetry Equipment (under slide 13

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