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Review- Chapter 8: Postmodernism: Irony, Parody, and Pastiche (ill give login info )

WatchThe Matrix, Dir. Lilly & Lana Wachowski (USA), 1999, 2 hr. 30 min. https://www.losmovies.us/watch-the-matrix-online.html

(Based on Chapter 8 and your screening of The Matrix): Over the course of this week, your assignment is to complete your second writing assignment.

Consider how the film you viewed this week, The Matrix, exhibits inter-textuality. This concept is talked about on page 325 of the text. You should reference related concepts such as reflexivity, self-reflexivity, the postmodern subject, layered references, as needed. I encourage you to re-read the section on postmodernism in your textbook and the .pdf about postmodernism for this assignment and to review the worksheet from Week #2 on how to view a film critically.

Don’t forget to structure your paper with a clear, arguable thesis statement and support. Make sure to use topic sentences and transitions between the major points of your essay. Use direct quotations and specific examples from the film. The assignment needs to be at least 2 pages, double-spaced. Use a reference page for sources and cite sources in MLA or Chicago/Turabian style format. (25 points).

Written Response 2

Your assignment must be submitted as .doc/.docx to Assignment Dropbox no later than Sunday, July 28 by midnight.

Please remember to use MLA or Turabian/Chicago style for your citations

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