Help me study for my Business class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

I need these questions answered with the best realistic examples. If you have experience in banking or used to be a Personal Banker please feel free to take a stab at them! They are coming from the point of view of a teller looking to be a banker

1) Tell me about a time when a customer made and initial request, and you identified additional or different products or services that better met the customer’s needs.

2) Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Tell me about a time when you chose what you thought was the most ethical course of action even though there were other easier options.

3) Tell me about a time when you had to modify your plans to handle an unanticipated change or obstacle

4) Please describe a time you developed trust in working relationship with a client, customer, or partner.

5) Describe a time when you quickly compared several options to make an important decision at work.

6) It can be challenging to handle a frustrated customer. Tell me about a time when you were patient with a dissatisfied customer even though it was difficult for you.

7) Persistence is often the key to getting work done. I would like you to describe a time when your persistence at work led to success

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