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response should be 75-150 words only

Analyzing an Image

Select a photo from an ad, meme, or elsewhere, and analyze it formally (emphasis, framing, point of view, degree of focus, distance from subject, lighting and contrast, and color) as well as the social layers (shapes of images, narrative, action, and actors). There should be NO writing on the image. Include a link to the image or embed in your post so we all can see it.

For your responses, view the images your classmates have shown and then select two to comment on. What else do you notice about the emphasis, framing, and so forth? Discuss the effectiveness of these elements.

View your discussion rubric.

Response should be 75-150 words only

Analyzing a Music Video

Go to YouTube and select a music video. For this particular discussion, it’s best to use a song, artist, or genre that is mostly new to you. However, keep in mind that you will be sharing this video and your notes with the class, so select something appropriate (no overt sex, blood, gore, and so forth). Once you have chosen a music video, complete the following steps in order:

  1. First, turn off your computer screen or turn away from the screen and listen to the song. Take notes on the effects of the auditory modality on you: How does listening to the song affect you bodily—your emotions, bodily sensations, etc.
  2. Next, turn off the sound and replay the video while watching the screen this time. Jot down how the moving images and other visual elements that affect you. Describe your sensations in as much detail as possible.
  3. Finally, watch the video with both the sound and image. What changes between the three different modalities (auditory, visual and multimodal) did you notice?

Include a link to the video or embed it in your initial post.

Discuss your findings to the above three steps.

For your responses, discuss your classmates’ findings. Do their sensations/reactions surprise you? Do you respond differently to the video?

View your discussion rubric.


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