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This week, you submit the final draft of your PAS Prospectus. You have done a lot of work, and hopefully you feel prepared for DDPA 8400. You should be leaving this course with a well-fleshed-out draft document and a plan to complete your PAS in the upcoming quarters. Be sure to incorporate the feedback you received from your Instructor last week before submitting. Your final submission must include the full scope of requirements for the PAS Prospectus and must include these elements:

  • Identification of the client organization and background
  • Problem statement
  • Purpose
  • Nature of the study
  • Research questions
  • Conceptual framework
  • Envisioned data sources
  • Plan for data acquisition
  • Envisioned timeline for completion
  • Significance of the study

The PAS Prospectus is a preliminary document that serves as the foundation for the proposal document for the PAS. It is a relatively short document and should not exceed approximately 10 pages of text, excluding appendices and references.

Required Readings

Walden University Center for Research Quality. (n.d.-a). Office of student research administration: Professional doctoral programs. Retrieved September 2, 2017, from…

  • PAS Guidelines
  • PAS Rubric

Required Media

Walden University WriteCast. (n.d.). What to do with negative feedback on your writing [Audio file]. Retrieved September 4, 2017, from…

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Ewang Theo Epie-Alobwede on advice [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

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