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QGIS is a free GIS application available across all Operating systems (MacOS, Linux, Windows). Like all GIS tools, it has its ups and downs. Being a free, well supported, and a constantly evolving suite of software is a huge upside. Unfortunately, the layout is a little complex to get used to especially if you are already well versed in ArcGIS.

QGIS is not a requirement for this course, you are more than welcome to use ArcGIS to complete the assignments throughout this course. However, all maps will be required to have a legend, compass, scale bar, title, etc. Without these elements, a map is not of any value to the user.

I do encourage you to read these QGIS tutorials and try to get accustomed to using this free tool. Why? Because once you graduate you may not have access to ArcGIS. True, many businesses and universities subscribe to the Arc Suite, however, Arc is extremely expensive and not always available as a GIS tool. Understanding the use of multiple GIS software can provide a huge advantage to you in the future.

Download the sample imagery and produce a map with the appropriate map elements. This image is around 400mb, so allow yourself time to download, open, and extract it. It is also already georeferenced with GPS coordinates so adding a map scale will be very straight forward.

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