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Essay #1 (post-midterm reflection—this question is worth 25 points):

Eligible authors for this essay topic include readings on the syllabus by Ibsen, Tagore, She, Borges, Yeats, Rilke, Neruda, Achebe, Mahfouz, El Saadawi, Al-Shaykh, Yan, Thiep, Allende, Pamuk, and Adichie.

Many of the readings from the second half of the term deal with the idea of the future in some capacity. In some cases, the writers are speculating on the type of future humanity (broadly defined) might be facing. In some cases, characters might be reflecting on their own futures, seeing either a hopeful prospect or reflecting on what they see as a dire prediction. In some cases, the writers describe people or characters who never had the opportunity to have a future. Choosing at least one specific textual example from three different authors post-midterm, where have we seen the future discussed or explored in readings from the second half of the term? What kind of future is portrayed? What can we take away from these texts in terms of our understanding of what the future can hold? Keep in mind that you may have three similar perspectives on the future among the various texts you choose to use, or you may have three very different portrayals of the future and can then reflect on what those differences might teach us in your conclusion.

Essay #2 (comprehensive—this question is worth 20 points):

Your essay response will require three examples from different authors throughout the term.

One example must be chosen from among the readings on the syllabus by these authors: Behn, Swift, Voltaire, Bashō, Equiano, Wordsworth, Keats, Ramabai and Tolstoy.

One example must be chosen from among the readings on the syllabus by these authors: Ibsen, Tagore, She, Borges, Yeats, Rilke, Neruda, Achebe, Mahfouz, El Saadawi, Al-Shaykh, Yan, Thiep, Allende, Pamuk, and Adichie.

A third example can be of your own choosing from any of the authors that remain.

Imagine that a week or two after finishing this course, you’re in a conversation with someone who asks “why should we read literature from countries or cultures other than our own?” What is your response? Whether arguing for or against the value of world literature and literature from other cultures (because you can totally argue that it is a waste of time, as long as you support your comments, and still get a good grade in the course), keep in mind that you still need to use three specific textual examples (either as a direct quotation or a paraphrase) to support your overall point of view.

As this prompt asks for your own opinion, using “I” in this essay response is okay, but try to use it only as much as necessary (in other words, avoid starting every sentence with “I think” or “I believe” or “in my opinion”—try to vary your sentence structure).

——————these are introductions, and I finished(above)

I’m attaching your draft with comments here. Please let me know if you have any trouble opening the attachment or viewing the comments.

Your first essay is much better, but there are many things to work on. Your use of titles need better formatting or punctuating, and there are several places that need a bit more clarifying or correction.

Your second essay looks much the same as what you submitted the first time, and that needs much more work. Your introduction there does not do anything to connect to the assigned topic of whether or not world literature is worth reading. And your supporting paragraphs still largely just list themes. You can keep those themes as part of arguing that world literature does or does not have worth, but I think you need to reduce the amount of themes you address, as you’re going through so many things you’re not taking the time to describe any one of them very well. As a result, your comments about the texts are VERY general and you’re not making clear connections between the texts and themes. For example, you talk about how Ramabai addresses gender, but you include almost no specifics to show how she actually does that in the texts she wrote.

So, in that second essay, use fewer themes, focus them on proving whether or not world literature is worth reading, and include fewer textual examples and then expand the examples you do use with more specifics from the assigned texts. That way I will be able to grade you on both your knowledge of the assigned texts and your ability to clearly talk about them (which is a key thing for you to takeaway from this class).

As you have a lot of revision to do here, I’ll give you an extension on submitting this exam until midnight (Central Time) on Saturday night, if you would like to take advantage of that. When you submit the exam, it will show in Canvas/Turnitin that it is late, but just ignore that, as I won’t deduct points for lateness unless the exam in not in by midnight tomorrow.

————-this is what you need to read and made revision

if you feel confused about the revision of essay2 message me and I will attach some notes, but what I wrote inside is enough for you to understand and made revision. only one hour left.

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